Stay Alive – Orchard Falls: Book Two





STAY ALIVE is Book Two in the Orchard Falls series.

She trusted him with her life, but not with her secrets.

Macy Winthrop is a fraud. As a reality TV hostess, she has the perfect life, the perfect husband, the perfect relationship. Only she doesn’t. And when someone threatens to expose her and make her his, she turns to Daniel Finney (Finn) for help.

Finn is reluctant to get involved with the sexy actress who won’t confide in him. What is she hiding and why? The more he learns about her, the more he distrusts her but it doesn’t stop him from falling for her—hard. Yet she’s married, or is she?

And where does he fit in with her busy life? The only reason he got involved was because he’d promised a friend he would protect her. But once he gets Macy to come clean and he learns all her secrets he’s forced to share a few of his own. And she is not going to be happy.