Aidan’s Way

Crystal Lake Series, Book #2

Aidan O’Brien is not looking for a wife, no matter what his baby sister has planned for him. For some reason, Mackenzie believes her older brothers all need wives. That only when they are married and settled will they butt out of her business. And Mack has picked out a woman for each of her four brothers.

However, Aidan has no intention of marrying a successful singer/songwriter. Lila Adams is not the same girl he remembers from high school. Her pictures have been splashed across the tabloids and her reputation is in question.

Lila can’t believe the nerve of Aidan O’Brien dragging her back to Crystal Lake, PA for her father’s funeral. The father who disowned her fourteen years ago. And she wants nothing to do with Aidan, although she once had feelings for him. But that was a long time ago. She needs to get back to LA and her career before Aidan starts digging into her life.

Lila is keeping secrets from him, Aidan is sure of it, and he’s determined to find out what they are. But before he can do that, he must protect her from a deranged stalker. A stalker who wants her dead.