A Taste of Teaberry




A TASTE OF TEABERRY was previously published as LUST’S BETRAYAL.

Steamy adultery, secrets and murder – is that what the McLaughlin family is made of?
Ross McLaughlin is full of regrets and guilt when his teenage daughter Emma finds a letter from her sick grandmother asking them to come home.  Emma can’t understand why her father would be so neglectful of his loved ones.  While Ross wants to see his mother he wants nothing to do with the rest of the family he left behind.

However Emma feels differently.  She can’t wait to meet her family and find out about their past.  She’s also excited about her new friendship with Libby Larson, the female physician in town, who she thinks is perfect for her father.
Although Ross can’t stop thinking about Libby, he tries to proceed cautiously.  He doesn’t want to get Emma’s hopes up.  Because Ross harbors an unspeakable secret: a member of his family might just be her mother’s killer.
After this summer on the lake, the McLaughlins’ lives will never be the same.