Love, Lies, and Gray Skies

Love, Lies and More Lies – #5





He was only supposed to be a one-night stand . . .

After learning she must have her breasts removed as well as her ovaries, Starr Holland is desperate to have a baby first. It could be her only chance to be a mother. She devises a plan to get pregnant, but not just any man will do. The father of her child has to be nice looking, intelligent and have good morals. And when she meets Sam Nickerson she decides he fits the bill.

Sam is only too happy to have sex with the pretty woman he meets in a bar. After all, it was her idea. Only he has no idea she is using him. No idea she intends to get pregnant. No idea she is using a phony name. Until nearly four years later.

Libby, the little dark haired beauty looks just like him. Has the same brown eyes and cleft in her chin and is the three-year-old daughter of Dr. Starr Holland—the woman who duped him four years ago. When Sam threatens to take Starr to court for visitation rights, she finally decides it is in her best interest to share her daughter with him rather than risk having a criminal record.

But the more time Starr spends with Sam and gets to know him, she realizes she has fallen in love with him. Although she has no idea what Sam’s intentions are. Is his real plan to take her daughter away from her and return to his ex-wife who suddenly wants him back? Or will he stay in town and form a family with her and Libby instead?


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