Slim Chance


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Sexy, handsome Derek Bolinger is a prick, or at least he believes so.  But when his fifteen-year-old daughter Harper shows up on his door step, saying her mother was murdered, Derek is determined to help the girl get through this terrible tragedy.

Detective Olivia Sherwood has no use for a man who neglected his daughter since birth but believes Derek has a reason he is unwilling to share with anyone, including Harper.

As the murder investigation continues to turn up clues about the teen’s mother’s death, Olivia probes deeper into Derek’s past.  What secrets is he keeping?  And why would he prefer his teenage daughter hate him rather than coming clean with the truth?

All Olivia knows is that she cannot trust Derek with her heart if he can’t be honest with her.  And that includes exposing all his secrets.  Secrets that maybe should have remained buried.




A Chance at Love Series

4 stories, one for each of the sexy Bolinger men.

CHANCES ARE – Meet Jack: After his wife suffers from amnesia, following a car accident, she is a totally different woman and Jack falls in love all over again. That is, until he discovers, prior to the accident, she may have hired someone to kill him.

SLIM CHANCE – Meet Derek: When a fifteen-year-old girl shows up on his doorstep, claiming to be his daughter and saying her mother was murdered, Derek is determined to see the teen through this terrible tragedy. But Derek has a secret past. A past his nosy, sexy, police detective neighbor will not stop prying into until she learns the truth. She will soon learn some secrets are better off staying buried or someone could end up dead.

FAT CHANCE – Meet Garrett: How can a man refuse to help his beautiful ex-wife when she says someone is trying to kill her? So what if she drives him absolutely crazy? So what if she’s a psychic and can read his every thought? And so what if she hates his guts and is only using him because Garrett is the last man on earth the killer believes she would run to for protection?

SLIGHT CHANCE – Meet Will: Something isn’t right with his life, and hasn’t been since his mother committed suicide when he was a young boy. Some may say as an adult he simply has commitment issues, but Will knows it’s much more than that. With the help of a beautiful stranger, he may soon learn the secrets surrounding his mother’s death, and the truth is not pretty.