Chasing Connor

Crystal Lake Series, Book #3

After a tragic accident that leaves a man in a coma, race car driver Connor O’Brien runs off to Vegas to avoid coming to terms with what happened.  He is perfectly content drinking and blowing through his trust fund until a woman from his past shows up.  He knows his little sister is responsible.  Did she really think he wouldn’t know Brooklyn Marsh was there to spy on him and report back to his family?

Brooklyn spent years chasing after her best friend’s older brother Connor although no matter what she did to try to get his attention he never once seemed to notice her.  But she needs to get his story about the accident in order to boost her career as a journalist.  Connor thinks she is there for another reason altogether and for the time being she decides it’s probably best he doesn’t know the truth.

After a reckless night of alcohol and fun they end up in bed together and realize the next morning they got married the night before.  Of course Aidan plans to have the marriage annulled immediately, but before he has the chance Brooklyn is being questioned by the FBI.  They believe she’s involved with a crime ring that has been cheating the casinos out of millions at the blackjack tables.

Brooklyn agrees to help bring the leader of the organization down but Connor is furious and concerned about her safety.  How could he not have noticed this woman all these years?  She is just what he needed to put his demons to rest and help him fall asleep at night, without a pint of scotch to numb his brain first.

But when he finds out he’s being used just so she can get his story he wants nothing to do with her.  Can these two put their past mistakes behind them and let love heal their wounds?