Protect Me

Boxed set of full-length romantic suspense novels includes HIDING PEYTON, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE and PRYING EYES.

Only he can protect me.

HIDING PEYTON – A mob killing, a sexy ex-cop trying to protect her and lots of bullets. Who can she trust? A woman pretending to be a hooker . . . can he trust her? Formerly published as Everything But The Truth.

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE – She sent the wrong man to prison for raping her, or did she? When her sister ends up dead, she decides to finally believe in his innocence. But that means the real rapist is still out there, watching her every move.

PRYING EYES – Her twelve-year-old son witnessed a murder, or so he says. But no one in town believes him, not even the policeman assigned to the alleged case. Not until dead bodies start popping up, and not until he realizes the boy he is to protect is also his son.