Prying Eyes




Joe Flynn is just like any other twelve-year-old his age, except for one thing.  Joe has witnessed a murder.  The only thing is, no one believes him.  Not his mother, and certainly not the detective assigned to the “alleged” case.  At least not until dead bodies start popping up.

After thirteen years, Detective Roman MacKenzie has had enough of big city crime in New York and craves the crime-free existence of the small town where he was born.  But no sooner than Roman returns to Salmon Lake, PA, he not only finds himself in the middle of a serial murder investigation, but he’s drawn to the woman he left behind all those years ago–Angela Flynn.

Angela’s son is the only witness they have, and it’s Roman’s job to protect him from the killer.  Only the detective has no idea that the boy he’s risking his life to save is also his son.  Nor does he realize that, looming in the shadows, is the killer and he’s bent on making Angela his next victim.