About Me

Debby Conrad

Sexy reads with a dash of humor and a slice of suspense

debby-larger-bI grew up in Canton, Ohio but have lived in Erie, Pennsylvania since 1980. My husband and I have two grown daughters, three grandchildren, a miniature Dachshund and a Chihuahua. I have worn many hats in my lifetime; retail sales, rental agent, Realtor, office manager, aerobics instructor/studio owner, marketing/advertising manager, and most recently a mortgage loan officer/mortgage company VP. However, with the exception of being a mother, being a romance author is the best job in the world.

No alarm clocks to wake me, no sales quotas to meet, no boss to whom I must answer, no wardrobe expense, no office gossip, no employee or co-worker complaints and no stress. Nowadays the dogs wake me, I can name my own days and hours, I have no boss, I can write in my jammies, only my Dachshund complains (and only when she is bored) and the biggest stress I face is writing a good sex scene. (Some may not think writing a sex scene is such a horrible thing to have to do, but trust me it’s extremely difficult, at least for me.) Other than that, every day is fun and rewarding and I wonder what I did to deserve this amazing job I love. But please don’t hate me.

For me, it was a long road to publication. The ups and downs many authors face can be extremely disappointing. Winning writing contests and having an editor or agent request your novel, but then reject it, was heartbreaking. Some have asked why I continued to keep writing. The answer is because I couldn’t stop writing. Yes, I had some interruptions/breaks along the way, but the dream and the need never diminished. I had, and I still have, stories to tell and the ideas are not going to go away until every last word has been typed on a page.

After nearly ten years I finally sold my first book in 2006. Seeing my novel in print and holding it in my hands was thrilling. I went on to sell two more books that were e-published. Since the end of 2011 I have been self-publishing my work and was quite pleased with the number of books I sold in 2013. In Jan 2014, I decided to quit my hectic day job, running a busy mortgage company, and write full time. I hope I am able to tell all of the sixty-plus stories I have jotted in my journal before my time on earth expires.

Thank you so much for reading about me. If you have read one of my books and have time to write a review, I would very much appreciate it. I love hearing from readers and will personally answer all emails. If you would like to send a message to me, please click here.