Blaming Owen

Crystal Lake Series, Book #5

Owen O’Brien has his hands full when Ivy Bangkok returns to town and starts raising havoc. She breaks into her childhood home and starts selling off the furnishings even though she no longer owns the home. Owen does. But the real problems start when she becomes embroiled in her sister’s life.
Ivy knows her sister did not shoot her husband, no matter what Owen and the police think. Which is why she is determined to find out who did. But suddenly she is in the middle of a situation involving adultery, drugs and murder that has spun out of control. While trying to protect her sister and infant niece, she may end up losing Owen, not to mention her life.

Owen realizes if he doesn’t step in and make Ivy face some cold hard truths, she could get herself killed. And he is not about to let that happen no matter what. Even if it means Ivy could be lost to him forever. Because she’s made it perfectly clear that if he isn’t on her side she wants nothing to do with him. But how is he supposed to help prove a woman’s innocence when he truly believes she’s a cold-blooded killer?