Love, Lies and Bow Ties

Love, Lies and More Lies – #8


GABE CAVANAUGH was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time—or was he?—when he’s attacked by two strange men.  Left without any money, credit card or I.D. he has no choice but to hitch a ride from Vegas back to Red Ridge, Kentucky with the pretty Latino girl who set him up.  

IZZY SANCHEZ, con-artist trying to go straight, has been doing her best to escape the clutches of her cousin and uncle for years but somehow they managed to catch up to her—again.  This time they are determined to make Gabe their mark.  She feels horrible after what they did to the man whose only crime was to flirt with her, so she offers to drive him home.

Gabe doesn’t trust her.  Can’t afford to trust her.  Not after what she did to him.  But that doesn’t mean he can control his feelings for her.  She’s sexy hot gorgeous.  He would be crazy not to sleep with her and so he does.  But that only brings on a whole new set of issues for him to deal with as he’s about to find out.

Izzy wants to trust Gabe with her secret, and with her past, but she can’t.  Because what she’s hiding could send her to prison for a long, long time and she is not about to risk that.  Not even with the man she loves.  But when her uncle and cousin reappear and disrupt her happy life she may not have a choice in the matter.

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Book 8 – LOVE, LIES AND BOW TIES – Gabe Cavanaugh and Izzy Sanchez