A Girl, A Guy and a Robe Tie

A Girl, A Guy and a Robe Tie


Mulberry Lake Series, #2

Is he simply jealous or does he really want a wife?

A GIRL, A GUY AND A ROBE TIE is book 2 in the Mulberry Lake series. Ethan Wolff wants what his brother has; a wife, a family, a home. So then why does he spend his nights drinking and picking up women? That is until his sexy neighbor, Penelope (Poppy) Serafini, attracts his attention when she is locked out of her apartment and standing naked in the hall.

Poppy is embarrassed and has no choice but to accept Ethan’s help. But as she gets to know him better, she realizes she is sick and tired of his standoffish attitude. All he seems to want from her is sex. Yet she can’t help fighting her own attraction, enough to make her put her standards aside and jump in with both feet.

However, as much as Ethan wants marriage and a family, he still isn’t ready to share his secrets with anyone. Not even when a strange woman appears at his door with a secret of her own. He is now left wondering if he deserves Penelope and if the demons will finally be put to rest. Will Ethan and Poppy’s love be strong enough to pull them back together once he bares his soul?