See Jane Love


Janie Callahan is determined to learn firsthand about passion, desire and hot, steamy sex when her latest romance novel is rejected by her publisher. According to her editor, her stories lack the kind of sexual tension most romance readers enjoy reading about. And unless Janie can push the envelope with her love scenes, she’s afraid her writing career will be down the toilet. But how is she supposed to write about something she’s never experienced before? The only two lovers she’s ever had were duds. In other words, there were no orgasms, at least not for her.

Feeling frustrated, she decides the only way to cure her ‘little problem’ is to engage in a fling with a man. And she knows just the man to help her; sexy, bad-boy, Gabe Montero. Only problem is, Gabe isn’t interested. At least not yet, anyway. But what happens when Gabe realizes he’s being used for research? Will he go along with being used or walk out of Janie’s life for good?