Love, Lies and Agonize

Love, Lies and More Lies – #6





Is a secret the same as a lie?

She slept with her brother-in-law, on the day of her sister’s funeral.  No wonder she was in agony.  She wants her family to forgive her, but can she forgive herself?

Allie Denton fell in love with Lennon Holland the minute they met.  He was her best friend.  But he was also in love with her sister.

When her sister dies in a car accident, Allie reaches out to Lennon for support and they end up in bed together.  But afterward Lennon wants her to forget that it happened.

How can she possibly forget something like that?  The guilt.  The lies.  The shame.  Besides, she knows he feels something for her although he won’t admit it.  They both know it will never work anyway.  The only thing to do is to find someone else.  She encourages him to do the same.

Then just when she thinks she’s met the right guy, Lennon finally opens up to her.  It seems he has been harboring a few secrets as well.  But is too late for them?


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