A Girl, A Guy and No Alibi

A Girl, A Guy and No Alibi


Mulberry Lake Series, #3

Veronica Serafini jumps at the chance to add another canine to her dog walking business, especially when the dog’s master is willing to pay her an obscene amount of money to be at his beck and call.  But when she learns her new client has been accused of murdering his wife she’s not so sure she wants the job.

Jackson Garvey Wells has secrets.  Secrets that spell motive even though he didn’t kill his wife.  But to clear his name Jack needs to find the person responsible.  And with his sexy dog walker in the way he finds it hard to concentrate.

Veronica believes in Jack’s innocence and is determined to help prove it, even if it means lying to keep him from spending the rest of his life behind bars.  But something isn’t adding up about the night his wife was killed and she soon realizes Jack has been lying to her.  What is it he’s hiding and why can’t he trust her with the information?

Jack can trust no one.  Especially Veronica, whose brother is a cop.  Anything he tells her could work its way back to the prosecutor.  He can’t afford to take that kind of chance, even if it means he could lose her forever.