Make Me Believe


Three strong-minded females aren’t afraid to go after what they want.

BAILEY – After being dumped by her third fiancé, Bailey Maguire decides to hire a fake fiancé so she doesn’t have to face her parents with the news of another rejection. Zedidiah Quinn jumps at the chance to play the role, especially when he learns the pretty redhead is willing to pay a lot of money to him for meeting her family, acting like a jerk and leaving. Her parents will be only too happy she has decided to stay single. Simple, right? Wrong. This is where it all starts.

JANE – Janie Callahan is determined to learn firsthand about passion, desire and hot, steamy sex when her latest romance novel is rejected by her publisher. But how is she supposed to write about something she’s never experienced before? Feeling frustrated, she decides the only way to cure her ‘little problem’ is to engage in a fling with a man. A man who can put a smile on her face. And she knows just the man to help her; sexy, bad-boy, Gabe Montero.

HOLLY – Holly Mayfield is horny! And there’s only one man who can scratch her itch, her next door neighbor. The only problem is, finding the nerve to tell the man what she needs. Kenny Larson is perfectly content without a woman in his life, or so he thinks. But when Holly suggests they have sex for the sake of having sex, he has to admit the idea has a certain amount of appeal. And soon the sparks begin to fly.