Love, Lies and Alibis

Love, Lies and More Lies – #3





It’ll take a lie to save the man she loves . . .

Eden Cavanaugh wants to make a difference in her hometown of Red Ridge, Kentucky and decides to run for mayor. But when the only person qualified and available to manager her campaign is the guy who dumped her on the night of her senior prom—only to show up with another girl on his arm—she has her pride to consider.

Sawyer McVey is not interested in working for the arrogant, rude and snotty little princess. Even if it is the only gig available and he’s been offered twice his normal fee. Although he needs the money and has a three-year-old daughter to support, can he stand being around the sexiest woman alive and keep his hands off her at the same time? Because he knows if he touches her, he’ll fall for her all over again. And that would be bad.

In spite of knowing that Sawyer could break her heart again, Eden not only hires him but she also lets down her guard and ends up in bed with him. But just like back in high school Sawyer once again dumps her.

Soon afterward, he’s being questioned for murder and Eden gives him an alibi. Even though she wasn’t with Sawyer the entire night in question. But, hey, what’s one tiny lie? At Sawyer’s insistence she confesses to the lie she told. When a second man is murdered and Sawyer once again is the number one suspect, he really was with her all night. But will anyone believe Eden this time?

Book 1 – LOVE, LIES AND HIGH HEELS – Rusty Paris and Luke Galloway

Book 2 – LOVE, LIES AND COMPROMISE – Jake Hastings and Kennedy (Quinn) Parker

Book 3 – LOVE, LIES AND ALIBIS – Eden Cavanaugh and Sawyer McVey

Book 4 – LOVE, LIES AND DIRTY DEALS – Jordan Quinn and Claire Holland

Book 5 – LOVE, LIES AND GRAY SKIES – Starr Holland and Sam Nickerson

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Book 7 – LOVE, LIES AND SEX APPEAL – Sheridan McVey and Wyatt Dempsey

Book 8 – LOVE, LIES AND BOW TIES – Gabe Cavanaugh and Izzy Sanchez