Hunter’s Reluctance

Crystal Lake Series, Book #4

Hunter O’Brien’s sister is at it again. She is determined to see all four of her brothers married off. But just because she’s managed to successfully play matchmaker with his two older brothers doesn’t mean she knows the woman who is right for him. Especially when she chooses her friend Willow Parks, the only woman Hunter knows who despises him.

As a single mom Willow Parks is trying to build a new life in Crystal Lake, Pennsylvania. She is finally settling in and making some friends when she crosses paths with Hunter O’Brien. The man reminds her of her ex-husband. She has been down that path before and does not want to go down it again. But when her brother-in-law is found dead, and she is being questioned for his murder, she has no choice but to turn to Hunter for help.

Hunter’s gut tells him Willow isn’t being honest with him. She knows more about the murder than she is saying. Is she guilty or is she trying to protect someone else? And either way, is he willing to risk everything to protect her?