Everything But The Truth

This book was previously published as EVERYTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

Right place at the wrong time . . .

Peyton Delaney relies on the local police and a U.S. Marshall to protect her after she witnesses a mob killing. But her trust in the authorities is shattered when someone not only discovers her hiding place, but tries to kill her as well. She manages to escape but some of the police aren’t so lucky. The Marshall, who was shot protecting her, gives her the name of a friend he said can be trusted to help.

But Peyton is terrified of everyone around her. She knows they’re looking for her everywhere, so how will she get out of town? Then, with the help of a friend, she disguises herself as a hooker and is able to elude the bad guys and step onto a bus. Since it worked so well, she decides, for her own safety, to keep the disguise.

Ex-cop Reeve Sinclair agrees to babysit the woman who arrives on his doorstep, but his buddy never said she was a hooker. At any rate, he’d given his word and drives the woman to a cabin in the woods, where he believes they’ll both be safe. But there is a leak in the police force and Reeve is soon trying not only to save the sexy stranger’s life but his own as well.

The more time he spends with her the more he is determined not to fall for her. She’s a hooker after all. And he doesn’t trust her. But there is something about this woman drawing him in, and he realizes he can’t fight his attraction to her any longer. Now he has more trouble than just dodging bullets.

Does she feel the same way? Or is she just using him? Because so far she has told him everything but the truth.